• Organisational changes and potential redundancies can, understandably, be worrying for employees particularly in perceived tougher economic times and especially for those with long service or in specialist industries for whom the prospects of finding a new role can seem bleak. Reducing the trauma for both departing employees and those who remain is key to a successful transition. Research shows that losing one’s job is one of the most stressful experiences a person can face other than death and divorce.

    Outplacement is designed to support individuals who are exiting organisations (voluntarily or involuntarily).  Employee outplacement is provided to help employees to transition from employee to potential job candidate – guiding employees on the job market and how to best present themselves to potential recruiters.  The practice of outplacement helps to minimise the cost and negative impact of moving employees on from their roles within businesses.

    How outplacement could benefit your organisation?

    Protection from liability

    By offering outplacement you can potentially reduce the risk of claims from disgruntled employees.

    Protect your brand reputation

    Outplacement is a powerful indicator that you believe in looking after your employees not only those who are leaving but those remaining and future employees. This will have a positive impact on your employer brand through transparency, collaboration and cooperation and increase employee engagement for those who remain.

    Continued productivity and better retention rates

    Supporting your departing employees by prioritising outplacement may reassure your existing staff and preserve the good morale of the workforce. They will see that colleagues are given the necessary support when they leave, and this will encourage them to feel confident again in the work that they do. This may also help keep them engaged and motivated.

    How can Kent HR help?

    Group outplacement

    Our HR consultants work with candidates facing redundancy or career change, in small groups or individually, to cover all the important issues and questions arising.

    Our typical group outplacement sessions for redundancy situations include advice on:

    • Career continuation or career change
    • Where to find job vacancies
    • Knowing your skills and strengths
    • Presenting your skills and strengths in the way employers want to see them
    • Writing successful application letters and CVs
    • Interview techniques and preparation
    • Networking and self-promotion
    • Using the internet and social media
    • Practical advice including coping with change and redundancy questions

    We provide this assistance through group workshops, normally with up to 5 attendees per workshop, lasting half a day in duration or through individual meetings.

    We can also offer drop-in “surgeries”, normally half a day in duration, for those potentially affected by organisational change, covering writing CVs and job applications together with interview techniques and preparation.

    Individual outplacement

    We can offer individual outplacement which is personally tailored to meet the needs of those employees requiring one to one assistance, or for senior individuals.

    This is provided through a mixture of one to one meetings and email and telephone support, to help the individual identify their career aims and goals, their financial drivers, their work-life balance wishes and to then build and implement a career change plan to bring those aims and goals to fruition.

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