• Why organisations shouldn’t underestimate the need for HR

    Published: June 28 2013

    Organisations frequently promote their people as the most valuable/important part of their business, and an effective HR strategy and operational involvement creates value through employees and ensures employees feel engaged with their employer’s aims and objectives.

    HR needs to be effective and work as a business partner, which will increase the overall profitability of the company in many areas and therefore add value.

    One of the main functions where HR can play a major role is that of succession planning and making sure that a company has the skills it needs in the right places and ensuring that employees benefit from being able to see what lies ahead in their career and what they need to do in order to progress. Keeping talent within an organisation and promoting internally can have a positive impact, not only on the reduced cost of hiring from the outside but also in the loyalty and retention of talented employees and the return on investment in training and development.

    Auto enrolment

    Auto Enrolment is about to become a big thing for SMEs, and HR departments can take some of the burden off the finance department by taking care of the operational and employee communication side of things. HR used in conjunction with the finance department can get results and create a real balance.

    Change is also a major factor of businesses everywhere but this doesn’t have to be a difficulty. Implementation of change is eased by communication and training, where needed something that HR has a huge part to play in.

    This is a time of uncertainty for many businesses with cost-cutting and restructuring becoming a regular occurrence, and are areas where HR are best placed to lead.

    How a HR strategy can help

    From an operational perspective, HR can develop policies and procedures which help a company to set out its culture in relation to employee relations whilst also remain compliant with employment law.

    A topical area currently is the development and implementation of a social media strategy. Social media is often used to promote the organisation to a wide audience but companies need to be aware of the risks and communicate the expected approach to their employees.

    A HR strategy and team has an important role to play in managing a workforce and providing information at Board level to show their input adds value.

    Kent HR provides HR support for new and growing businesses

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