• Recruitment and retention strategy in education

    Published: July 11 2019

    A survey carried out by National Education Union (NEU) of its members found that 40% of teachers believed that they would not stay in their profession beyond five years and 18% think they won’t stay longer than two. The survey has prompted specific concerns about recruitment and retention in education.  26% of early-career teachers, with between two and five years’ experience told the union they intend to leave the education sector within five years.

    The Department for Education (DfE) published its long awaited teacher recruitment and retention strategy on 28th January 2019 and has been welcomed by many to help address the recruitment and retention crisis. One of areas of priority within the strategy document is the support for early career teachers.

    Key Challenges

    The document highlights key challenges faced by early careers teachers:

    1. Not enough teachers receive the high quality support and development they need at the outset of their career;
    2. Financial incentives are focused on recruitment and do not encourage early career retention; and
    3. Early career teachers are too often expected to plan and resource lessons from scratch.

    Addressing the key challenges

    Launch of a new Early Career Framework (ECF)

    The ECF has been developed to support new teachers with the aim of providing a platform to their future development and set them up for a sucessful career in teaching.

    New teachers will be entitled to a funded 2 year structured training and support package focusing on 5 key areas of development – behaviour management, pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and professional behaviours. Access to a  trained mentor will also be available to provide additional support to new teachers.

    In addition the induction period has been extended to two years to facilitate the extra support

    DfE will fully fund the national roll-out in September 2021, however, an early roll-out will happen from September 2020 in the North East, Greater Manchester, Bradford and Doncaster.

    The national roll-out will include:

    • Funding and guaranteeing 5% off timetable in the second year of teaching for all early career teachers
    • Creating high quality, freely available curricula and training materials
    • Establishing full high quality ECF training programmes
    • Funding time for mentors to support early career teachers
    • Fully funded mentor training

    Introducing financial incentives to stay in teaching, not just to train

    The Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy includes an introduction of phased bursaries for other subjects with staggered retention payments to better balance the need to retain new teachers as well as recruit them.

    Payments will be higher for teachers working in more challenging schools which should help to attract and retain good teachers in the schools that need them the most.

    Access to high quality curriculum plans and materials

    New teachers will have access to high quality curriculum resources therefore avoiding the need to start from scratch every time they plan a lesson.

    How Kent HR can help with recruitment and retention within schools

    With the early roll-out due to commence in September 2020, Schools may wish to think about their own recruitment and retention strategies.

    Kent HR are experienced in teacher recruitment strategies and can help education facilities develop plans and processes to help retain teaching staff.  Our consultants can advise on:

    • Creating a recruitment and retention strategy
    • Understanding and addressing the impact of the national skills shortage on your school’s performance
    • Innovative practices in recruiting and training teachers in all settings
    • Planning and managing effective recruitment advertising campaigns
    • Effective use of CPD in retaining staff
    • Addressing excessive teacher workload and wellbeing
    • How to set a constructive and valuable organisational culture

    Need assistance with recruitment and retention within your School?

    To find our more take a look at our HR services for schools.

    Alternatively, contact Lily Toppo, our education specialist HR Consultant to discuss your needs.


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