• Conducting Disciplinary Investigations and Hearings Webinar

    Published: May 4 2020

    This 30-minute recorded webinar focuses on how to conduct workplace disciplinary investigations and hearings.

    Speaker Lily Toppo also summarises the legal considerations and current guidance in this area and provides practical guidance and considerations to deal with such matters, including safeguarding allegations in an education setting.

    What is covered?

    • Law and current guidance
    • The disciplinary process – purpose and stages
    • The stages of an investigation
    • Writing the report and presenting findings
    • Preparing and conducting the hearing
    • Considering evidence and mitigating factors
    • Adjournment and decision making
    • Appeals

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    Who is the webinar aimed at?

    HR managers and practitioners, business owners and those responsible for managing employees.

    If you work in a school, this event would be beneficial for Heads and Principals, the Senior Leadership team (SLT) as well as the HR team who are responsible for managing employees.

    Further information

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