• Changes to safeguarding checks

    Published: June 27 2013

    The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) introduced their new Update Service on 17 June 2013. The DBS took over all functions from the Criminal Records Bureau and Independent Safeguarding Authority from 1 December 2012 and is responsible for processing requests for criminal records checks.

    Probably the most significant change is that from 17 June 2013, the DBS certificate will only be sent to the individual applicant. This will provide the applicant with the opportunity to review and challenge any of the certificate’s content before it is released to an employer or potential employer.

    Individuals can now subscribe to the DBS update service for an annual subscription of £13 (free for volunteers), with the following benefits:

    • DBS certificates will be kept up to date. The DBS will regularly search for any changes to the information on a DBS certificate. The frequency will vary depending on the level (basic, standard or enhanced) and type (for example, work with children) of the DBS certificate and the likely probability of any changes.
    • DBS certificates will be transferable. Individuals will be able to take DBS certificates with them from role to role provided that the same level and type of check are required.
    • Employers will be able to carry out status checks free of charge. With an individual’s permission, employers will be able to check online whether there has been a change to an individual’s DBS certificate. Employers will incur no cost for doing this.

    Employers should be thinking about any changes that they may need to make to recruitment processes and procedures, as the certificates will now need to be requested from the applicant and you may wish to make it a condition of employment for an employee to join the Update Service.

    As an employer, when someone is subscribing to this service, free instant online checks of an individual’s certificate can be made (with their consent) to check that it is up to date, which means that you would only have to seek a new check if the system alerted you to the fact that something has changed since the issue of the certificate.

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