Staff engagement

Your employees are your most valuable asset and if they are motivated and engaged with your business strategy they will help you to move your business forward. We can help you develop a framework which makes you an employer who “stands out from the crowd”, an employer of choice.

Staff Information and Consultation

Regulations require employers of a certain size to have information and consultation arrangements, we can help you put these in place and ensure that they are being used effectively.

In line with an employer’s obligations we can set up staff committees, meetings or working groups on behalf of a business, and advise on ongoing employee communication, newsletters, bulletins etc.

Pay and Benefits

We can support you in a range of matters associated with pay and benefits. For example we can carry out pay reviews and salary benchmarking, design benefits packages bespoke to your business, advise you on reward systems and prepare communications to your employees in relation to pay and benefits.

Staff Surveys

It is all very well to promote staff engagement, but it needs to be measured. We can assist you in collating feedback from your staff and help you to identify other measureables which will provide evidence that your staff engagement is effective.