Absence Management and Employee Welfare

Absence measurement and management

We can help you identify the cost of employee absence to your business and work with you to reduce both the cost and impact on your business.

The management of sickness absence is paramount and must be done effectively and efficiently. Effective absence management involves finding a balance between providing support to help employees with health problems stay in and return to work and taking consistent and fair action against employees who try to take advantage of organisations’ sick pay schemes. We can partner you to manage these situations to ensure that you get the best solution for your company and the individual.

Work-life balance (flexible working)

Finding the right balance between home and work can sometimes be tricky, but when the balance is right both the individual, their families and the business will benefit. We can advise you on making this work on both sides of the employment relationship.

Workplace health and safety

There are legal obligations on employers in relation to health and safety and we can advise on the obligations which affect your business, and help you with the risk assessment process, health protection and accident prevention, employee training and awareness, and record keeping.