Our Approach

HR Health check

We can carry out a comprehensive review of your employee practices, contracts, policies, procedures and handbooks, and identify areas of potential liability in a written report.

Adhoc Assistance

A retained service providing you with a flexible level of support to assist you with employee relations issues and/or cover for holidays, reducing your need for in-house day to day expertise, and allowing you to budget carefully.

Specific Projects

When it comes to strategic HR we can work with you to ensure that business objectives are met.


We can offer a help line for all your ad-hoc queries, tailored to your needs and budget.

Ways To Pay

Hourly Chargeable

If you would like to pay as you go for our services we can provide you with our hourly rates.

Annual Retainer

You pre-purchase a bulk amount of our time in advance at a discounted rate to be used as and when required (subject to any agreed exclusions).

Fixed Fee

We appreciate the need for certainty and to keep control of costs and wherever possible we are prepared to agree fixed costs for a specific project and/or a capped fee.