Workplace Mediation is becoming an increasingly popular dispute resolution method to resolve interpersonal employee conflicts including harassment and bullying complaints.

Workplace mediation is based on the principles of encouraging constructive communication in a safe and confidential environment and identifying mutual solutions and agreements which will restore respectful, professional working relationships.

There are many factors to explain why workplace mediation is now becoming the most favoured dispute resolution method for the resolution of employee conflicts including:

  • increase in the number of employee complaints
  • higher levels of compensation
  • continuing introduction of new employment legislation
  • the realisation that formal procedures and investigations can in some circumstances be so adversarial and stressful to all concerned that any possibility of people working together again is minimal.
  • the government want to encourage more constructive communication and dispute resolution in the workplace.

In many cases of harassment or bullying, people want certain behaviours or language to change and do not wish to go down the route of formal investigation, particularly if they want the working relationship to continue. Often there are issues on both sides which could be helped by better communication and understanding - facilitated by an experienced external and impartial mediator.

We can offer an independent qualified work place mediator to work with the parties and help them to facilitate a workable solution.